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Informative Facts About Antibiotics:Nursing Case Study

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

It is no doubt that one of the most prescribed medicine at present time is antibiotics. From the common cold to a grave infection, antibiotics seemed like a miracle drug that cures most diseases. Because of this notion, some people tend to self medicate with this drug without even consulting a doctor. Although, it is supposed to be a regulated drug, it is also one of the most misused medicine. Before taking that Amoxicillin or Erythromycin to cure your cold, here are some of the facts about antibiotics that you should know first:

*Antibiotics reacts to some drugs, birth control pills and even alcohol. Some antibiotics may reduce the efficacy of birth control pills while a combo mix with alcohol or other drugs could be fatal. Only your doctor would know which drugs would go well with which, so be aware.

*Antibiotics can have mild to severe side effects depending on which you took and your overall condition. It might cause fever, even an allergic reaction or death. It doesn’t matter if you already took it before and it made you well because the overall status your health maybe different at times.

*Some illnesses like the common cold, sore throats and some cases of bronchitis are caused by viral infections which antibiotics have no effect on. It is really up to your immune system to resolve these problems on its own.

*Antibiotics also kill the normal flora of the body. These “good bacteria” perform some tasks which are useful to our human body. They keep our immune system in check, prevent growth of other harmful species and also produce some vitamins for the host. Little is known of what would be the effect if we completely lose all the good bacteria in our system.

*Some bacteria are mutating to be resistant to antibiotics. While they are becoming “smarter” by evading decease from these drugs, our immune system on the other hand is becoming feebler due to dependency to antibiotics.

*Many people who self-medicate are also most likely to miss a dose. If you have not completed the complete course of antibiotics, the bacteria which caused the infection would come back stronger, or worse, drug-resistant.

Whatever symptoms you might be experiencing, you have to remember that an antibiotic drug is not a general medicine for all types of diseases. It is a prescribed drug which is also carefully measured with the right dose. Even if you got well taking an antibiotic for the same disease, the fact that it came back might mean it has developed resistance and the drug you are currently taking no longer has an effect. Always consult with your doctor before taking antibiotics and most importantly, it is still better to invest in a strong immune system.

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